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Creative Advocacy Practicums

Leveraging the leadership, problem-solving, facilitation, and advocacy  skills gained from trainings, program participants have the opportunity to analyze the root cause of a pressing environmental or gender issue, brainstorm solutions, and leverage art as an advocacy tool to engage key stakeholders within their community. 

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Preventing Teen Pregnancies and School Drop-outs
Kigali, Rwanda


Integrated Community Waste Management Action
Hohoe, Ghana

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Bee-Love for the Environment
Toledo, Belize


Creative Solutions to Clean up the Ocean
Omoa, Honduras


Girls Take Education into Their Own Hands
Arusha, Tanzania


Empowered Girls Raise Voices Against Negative Peer Pressure
Morogoro, Tanzania


Raising Awareness of the Intersection of Gender and Food Security


Recovery, Conservation, and Management of the Forest Diversity
Totonicapan, Guatemala


Reproductive Education to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
Turkana, Kenya


Girls Speak Out Against Gender-based Violence
Siaya, Kenya

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Changing Minds to Combat Food Crisis and Disease
Limbe, Cameroon


Women Reimagining Food Systems to Protect the Ebo Forest
Somakek, Cameroon

Promoting the Health of the Selva Maya Park
Peten, Guatemala


Theater Changes Views on Child Marriage
Jinja, Uganda

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Empowering Maijuna Youth through Film for the Defense of Ancestral Lands
Nueva Vida, Peru

Parade of Biodiversity: raising awareness for sustainable agriculture,

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