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Converting Charcoal Production to Honey 

Art Medium: Music and painting

Partner: Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW)

Location: Njimom, Magba and Foamban communities in Cameroon

Charcoal production is devastating the Cameroon Western Highland forest. Charcoal producers cut down trees for its production as it is their only source of income. 

This Creative Advocacy Practicum worked with a group of charcoal producers to analyze how its production negatively impacted the environment and their community and to introduce the idea of honey production as an alternative. 

Through dialogue, sharing, and participatory learning the charcoal producers decided to learn to produce honey and transition away from charcoal production. They used music and art to educate others to do the same.

"This Creative Advocacy Practicum (CAP) has been a great way of engaging communities in bringing about change in matters that affect their lives and those of the environment. The community saw the power of music and arts in driving change. This improved community participation and also helped in community acceptance of CAMGEW as a partner for development."
Wirsiy Emmaniel Binyuy, Director of CAMGEW


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