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Saving Lake Bosomtwe Through Collective Action on Waste 

Art Medium: Giant Story Board

Partner: A Rocha Ghana

Location: Abonu and Obbo communities, Ghana

Ghana’s economic growth has coincided with a significant increase in the consumption of plastic products, especially single-use plastics, and consequently an increase in plastic waste. During this CAP, a group of students and community leaders from two communities that share the lake learned innovative participatory-based tools and art to advocate for environmentally sound waste management, in order to prevent the continued contamination of Lake Bosomtwe. Using creative giant story books, the youth educated community members on the problem and encouraged collective action to save this precious resource. 

"As the Chief of Obo, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative effects of the waste management project led by A Rocha Ghana. The initiative has not only raised awareness about responsible waste disposal but has also united our leaders and community towards a common goal. Through the engagement process and stakeholder meetings, we have all realized our faults and the need to be more environmentally responsible to safeguard the integrity of the Lake Bosomtwe and our environment."
-Nana Gyamfi Opoku, Chief of Obo Community



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