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Educating Neighbors to Join Youth in Environmental Conservation

Art Medium: Creative Sign-making

Partner: MAMUCA

Location: Esparta, Honduras

Youth, municipal employees, and teachers came together to analyze the problem of plastic waste and deforestation in their community and how it negatively impacts local rivers and the ocean. 

They brainstormed solutions to implement in their community and decided that educating others on the problem and the necessity to respect the environment was of utmost importance. 

They painted creative signs to post around the community and held a final public event with the mayor where commitments were made to continue environmental initiatives such as eliminating illegal tree cutting and implementing reforestation projects, reducing single-use plastics, and stopping the contamination of waterways. 

"It made me very sad when we talked about the deforestation that is happening. Sometimes when we cut down trees, other people suffer from lack of water. The image I drew is a bird that is feeding its baby garbage.  Deforestation causes the rivers to dry up and also brings all the garbage to the sea. And that prevents birds from feeding on fish.”
-Estela, youth participant


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