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Girls Speak Out Against Gender-based Violence

Art Medium: Theater and Painting

Partner: Ruma Girls Secondary School

Location: Siaya, Kenya

Artist: Nerima Makhondo

Gender Based violence is one of the most pervasive yet least visible human rights violations in the world. The girls at our Sauti ya Dada club in Ruma Girls Secondary School in Siaya Kenya delved into this issue in their Creative Advocacy practicums. During the workshops, the girls identified issues such as lack of parental guidance and culture as some of the contributing factors to gender-based violence in their communities.

With the guidance of a local artist, the girls created theater art and painting with educational messages about the negative effects of, and possible solutions to, gender-based violence. The art pieces served to raise awareness of this critical issue amongst their community members, teachers and other fellow students.

"With our project on Gender Based Violence, I'm hoping the community will know the causes, the impacts, and how to solve it by raising up their voices" -Elsie


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