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Water for Everyone: Inspiring Teamwork

Art Medium: Theater

Partner: Ecologic Development Fund

Location: Santa Bárbara, Tejeras, El Nance, and Tacualtuste, in Honduras

This Creative Advocacy Practicum used theater and participatory learning with students in Honduras to analyze and understand the causes of the water scarcity their communities face. In addition to reflecting on watershed health, water pollution, and the reduction of water in their aquafers, the aim is to minimize conflict in times of scarcity so that communities can live in harmony. A theater skit and television spot were created with the participants for broadcast on social networks and virtual media to educate their communities on how to prevent water scarcity and come together to create solutions.


"Thanks for this opportunity. We learned to take care of the water, the forest, that we must carry out reforestation actions, not pollution of the streams and rivers and we need to care for the planet in general."
-Youth Participant, 13yrs


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