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Girls leadership clubs in east africa

Sauti ya Dada Podcasts

This is Sauti ya Dada: a podcast for girls by girls. Here, we amplify the voices of girls in East Africa and create spaces for them to tell their own stories, learn from each other, and share with all of us issues that matter to them. In each episode, girls share stories about a topic that inspires and encourages other girls to take action and advance girls' rights. Listen in, and thanks for catalyzing change with us! 

Sauti ya Dada podcast for and by girls

August 31, 2022

Self Care for Girls

You might have heard of the term self-care, but do you know what it means? In this episode, we are joined by a girl from PMM Girls in Jinja, Uganda as we explore what self care looks like for girls. She shares different ways in which she takes care of herself and how the Sauti ya Dada Program has equipped her. 

August 10, 2022

A Mentor's Perspective

Our mentor fellows are integral to Creative Action Institute’s Work in East Africa.These are young women who have completed our leadership trainings. The mentors work closely with girls in the Sauti Ya Dada Club to support them in understanding their human rights.Rose, a mentor fellow and team leader at

Concern for the Girl Child, Uganda joins us this week as she reflects on her experience in the program and the evolution of Sauti ya Dada. Listen in as she shares what inspires her work with the girls.

Girls podcast by girls in east africa
Girls podcast in East Africa

July 26, 2022

Chatting with Aunty Nala

Do you know about Aunty Nala? Aunty Nala is Creative Action Institute’s SMS-based learning intervention used to support girls who don't have reliable access to the internet. Aunty Nala sends creative and critical thinking exercises from the Sauti Ya Dada workbook via text. After a two-year break from field visits, we were finally able to travel and meet some of the girls in our Sauti ya Dada program. We visited Kalinabiri Secondary School in Kampala Uganda, one of the schools where we are implementing Sauti ya Dada in collaboration with Concern for the Girl Child, Uganda. Listen in and learn some of the things the girls have been learning from Aunty Nala.

December 2021

Girls and Power

How do you understand power? Do you think you are powerful? How can you use power to better your community? Listen in as a few of tje Sauti ya Dada girls share what they know about power.

A podcast by girls in East Africa
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