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Youth Theater for the Protection of Water in the Andes

Art Medium: Theater

Partner: Uma Rumi

Location: Pitumarca, Peru

The Andean mountains in Peru are an important watershed for the region. Unfortunately, due to climate change and environmental contamination, this natural resource is at risk. 

Youth from the community of Pitumarca worked with a theater artist over several mouths to create solutions to this problem and educate their community through an original play. The students wrote and acted in the play in order to encourage better stewardship of the environment and the protection of their local waterways. 

"My ideas about pollution have changed a lot because when I see a person polluting or throwing garbage I tell them not to do it and so they stop doing it; Every day I try not to pollute and recycle and I also tell my family not to throw garbage into the street."
-Elizabeth, 14yrs


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