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Creative Advocacy Practicums - Climate Justice

Leveraging the leadership, problem-solving, facilitation, and advocacy  skills gained from trainings, environmental leaders have the opportunity to analyze the root cause of an pressing environmental issue - from protecting endangered species to stopping deforestation to protecting marine areas - brainstorm solutions, and leverage art as an advocacy tool to engage key stakeholders within their community. 

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Educating Neighbors to Join Youth in Environmental Conservation
Esparta, Honduras


Saving Lake Bosomtwe through Collective Action on Waste
Abonu and Obbo Communities, Ghana


Converting Charcoal Production to Honey
Njimom, Magba and Foamban Communities, Cameroon


Youth Leadership, Marine Conservation, and Solid Waste Management
Izabal, Guatemala

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Creative Youth Leadership in Bi-National Water Conservation
El Quetzalito, Guatemala

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Creative Youth Leadership in Bi-National Water Conservation
Omoa, Honduras

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Promoting Sustainable Management of Chambira in Native Communities
Brillo Nuevo, Ampiyacu, Peru


Youth Theater for the Protection of Water in the Andes
Pitumarca, Peru

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Water for Everyone: Inspiring Teamwork
Santa Bárbara, Tejeras ,El Nance, and Tacualtuste, in Honduras


Music and Art for the Ocean: The Culture that Unites Us
Livingston, Guatemala


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