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Creative Action Institute is hiring!

We're a small global team with a big mission; we benefit from a rich, supportive culture of excellence, creativity, and flexibility. Learn more about job openings below:

Request for Proposals (RFP) for Grant Writer Services 



 Creative Action Institute invites qualified candidates to submit proposals for a 6-9-month contract  (with possibility of moving to a full-time role for the right person) for grant and proposal writing services to drive institutional  fundraising efforts and expand our contractual services. The consultant will bring in unrestricted  and program-focused funds from foundations as well as support the identification of  opportunities and development of proposals for services to potential clients. 


Who we are: 

At Creative Action Institute, we catalyze community-driven solutions because we believe those  closest to the problems are best positioned to address them. Using our groundbreaking creative  approaches, we build transformative leadership, create fertile spaces for networks and  movements to form and grow, and support creative advocacy to advance gender equality and  build a sustainable planet. In addition, we provide services to NGOs that include building  innovative curricula, toolkits, advocacy campaigns and training materials and providing expert  facilitation to support NGOs in stakeholder engagement and capacity building efforts. 


Creative Action Institute has a diverse funding portfolio that includes individuals, corporations,  foundations, and revenue generated from consulting contracts. Based on the focus and impact  of current programming, the organization sees great potential in gaining new institutional  funding to meet its funding gaps but lacks staff bandwidth to pursue it effectively. Additionally,  the organization has identified a significant market for their services and seeks to strengthen its  capacity to pursue these opportunities. 


Scope of Work: 

The role of the consultant will include, but not be limited to, the following: 

  • Orientation and Understanding - undertake a review of key materials to ensure deep and  thorough understanding of the organization, its programs and its services. This will include a  materials review and meetings with appropriate staff in the US, East Africa, and Central America. 

  • Funding Needs Assessment - meet with lead team members to understand institutional and  contract funding goals, verify funding gaps to meet current year needs and understand funding  needed to fill the pipeline for future scaling and new programming. 

  • Grant Funding Research – conduct research of private foundations, corporate foundations,  multilateral funders, and Donor Advised Funds to identify appropriate opportunities to support our Girls’ Leadership, Advocacy and Climate Justice work; conduct research for open RFPs for  services that align with our areas of expertise in toolkit and curriculum development, training  design and implementation, including but not excluded to areas of gender equality, building a  sustainable planet, gender responsive pedagogy, intersectional and inclusive education, and  climate justice. 

  • Grant Proposal Development - Develop proposals for funding as needed to support the  organization in securing needed funding; develop funding templates to be used for different  program focus areas. 

  • Grant Management and Reporting - Prepare monthly reports outlining activities and results  undertaken. Create a calendar of grant reporting and prepare reports. 


Proposal Requirements: 

Proposers must submit a detailed proposal which includes, at a minimum, the following:

  • Define the methodology/approach to be used to do a needs assessment of the  organization to identify funding needed through grants and/or contract revenue  including whether costs will be hourly or per grant/proposal for services written and  submitted.  

  • Detail the process you would use in identifying grants/and business development opportunities (RFP’s for services) which would address the needs identified as above.  

  • Generally, detail the involvement and role of the Creative Action Institute team and  resources in the grant writing/proposal development process. Describe, in detail, the  process you would utilize to prepare the actual grant application.  

  • List your experience in the identification and preparation of grants/proposals for  services for International Development Organizations. Specifically, detail your  experience with private foundations, donor-advised funds, federal grants, and multilateral funding institutions for general operating funds, or programmatically focused on  gender equality, gender responsive and transformative pedagogy, climate justice,  international education, sustainable development and/or women and girl’s leadership;  additionally, detail your experience in identifying RFPs relevant to our areas of expertise  in providing curriculum development services, training design, expert facilitation, toolkit  development services, advocacy campaign design, and program design in support of  organizations working in these focus areas. 

  • List up to five (5) funded grants which you developed detailing the funding source,  amount requested, and amount funded. Provide an excerpt of a grant to demonstrate  writing style (not to exceed two pages and without proprietary information).

  • Describe the background, experience, and qualifications of the person(s) who will act as  the grant writer and the qualifications of any staff who will assist with the preparation  of grant applications (include their role, education, relevant experience, and related  qualifications) 

  • Provide at least three (3) references including the name of contact, affiliation, address,  direct telephone number and email address.  


Fee Schedule: 

Describe in detail the fee structure you propose for providing grant writing and proposal  development services. 


Fee schedule should be all-inclusive and presented on an hourly basis. Applicant must provide a  detailed price breakdown including fees for the following staff, if applicable: A) Senior staff; B)  Professional staff; and C) Clerical staff. The cost will be based on the projected hours of work  provided. Contractor will invoice and be paid monthly.  


Hourly rate is $45-65. We anticipate somewhere around 10-20 hours a week but are open to hearing your vision!



Creative Action Institute plans to award the contract by April 15th, 2023. We will then mutually  discuss and refine the scope of work with the selected applicant and shall negotiate final  conditions, compensation, and performance schedule.  


RFP Questions and Responses: 

All questions pertaining to this proposal must be submitted in writing via email to:  info(at) 


Statement of Non-Commitment: 

Issuance of this RFP does not obligate Creative Action Institute to award a contract or to pay any  costs incurred in preparation of proposals responding to this RFP.  


Proposals must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 31, 2023, in one PDF file to  info(at) Please make sure the subject line references  "Grant Writer Services". 

Proposals not meeting the criteria outlined in the RFP will not be considered.

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