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Welcome to Creative Action Institute's benefit auction, Art for Action, where the power of art merges with the spirit of change! This 3-week online benefit auction celebrates the use of art as an advocacy tool to create a more equal world and foster sustainability. As we unite under a common goal, we invite you to participate and make a tangible difference.

The art auction features the professional artwork of ten international artists, each of whom partners with Creative Action Institute's Creative Advocacy Practicums. Through art, they empower participants to become grassroots advocates, igniting change in their communities. 

Your bids and donations during this event support our unique programming, enabling girls, women mentors, and grassroots advocates in remote areas to access vital training and resources. Together, we tackle issues like gender-based violence, teen pregnancy, child marriage, deforestation, pollution, and threats to wildlife and biodiversity. 

Bidding is open between Sept. 7th-Sept. 28th, closing at 9pm EST. Please allow up to 1-2 months to receive artwork after bidding closes on Sept. 28th. Proceeds from art sales benefit both Creative Action Institute and the partner artists.

On Thursday, September 21st at 12pm EST, you are invited for a live online event featuring talks from the artists on their work and their use of art as an advocacy tool. Register for the free event below. 

By joining us at the Art for Action Auction, you become an agent of change, promoting art as a catalyst for a brighter, more sustainable future. Thank you!

Meet The Artists

Click on their photo to view their artwork for sale, and click on their name to view the Creative Advocacy Projects each artist facilitated with Creative Action Institute:


Evelyne Blondeel,


Darwin Torres,

Join us for a

Virtual Artist Talk,

Sept. 21st, 12-1pm EST

Creative Action Institute fosters community-driven solutions, advancing gender equity and sustainability. We empower leaders in Latin America and Africa through immersive training, fostering collaboration and creativity. Participants apply these newfound skills, working alongside professional artists to design and implement advocacy projects that spur communities into action. Each featured artist in Art for Action has collaborated with our program participants.

Thank you to our Sponsors for making this event possible!

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