A Mural for Climate Change Resiliency

Authored by Christian Chacón Gallardo

Collaborative murals can empower a community to take action. These large-scale art projects are an effective way to promote collaboration and involve people in an art project that is visual, achievable, and rewarding.

In Accra, Ghana, we partnered with eight environmental organizations and Nicholas Wayo, a Ghanian artist, to do just that: create a large-scale mural portraying the effects of climate change on the community of Accra. Through creative collaboration, our partners came together to describe not only the impacts of climate change but the way forward.

During the clinic in Ghana, participants from CSRAD, PAORP-VWC, University of Ghana, Conservation Alliance International, Greenglobe Ghana, Ahado Youth Environmental Club, Agrointroductions Ghana, and Conservation Foundation shared knowledge, experiences, and reflections about climate change and the mural served to express their ideas visually in a public space.

The wall is located on the Kanda highway at exactly the roundabout, near to a cluster of schools. The wall stands about 10 x 24 feet. Since most of the participants’ work is centered in rural areas, the mural also works as a way to exchange between rural community voices and the population of the capital city to generate a more inclusive and shared reflection o