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Creative Action Institute Expands Climate Change Resilience Content in Girls’ Leadership Programming

IPSWICH, Massachusetts - Mar. 14, 2021- Creative Action Institute, a non-profit that catalyzes community-driven solutions that advance gender equality and build a sustainable planet, today announced the expansion of its climate change resilience content in its girls’ leadership programming, Sauti ya Dada.

Climate change is not gender-neutral: it disproportionately impacts girls and women, amplifying already existing gender inequalities. Understanding climate change is critical for girls’ climate resilience, for them as leaders advocating for girls’ education and as future leaders in their communities and beyond. Creative Action Institute is expanding Sauti ya Dada’s programming to include climate change education, connecting the impacts of climate change to girls’ education, and tools for sparking climate action. This pivotal move comes as part of the organizations’ initiative to integrate a climate justice lens across their existing programming.

“Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time, and in order to take an intersectional approach to climate action, we must first empower those whose voices are often silenced,” said Doris Kamathi, Regional Program Manager for East Africa.

Creative Action Institute’s Sauti ya Dada program builds the leadership and advocacy capacity of girls across East Africa, increasing their creative problem solving, collaboration, and communication skills and providing opportunities to engage their communities in solution building for girls’ education. These same skills - problem solving, collaboration, communication, community engagement - are also critical for building climate resilience and taking climate action. As the impacts of climate change, such as change in rainfall pattern, drought, and flood, in East Africa become more common, the threats to girls’ education are amplified. It is urgent that the next generation of leaders understands climate change so they are more resilient and able to identify meaningful strategies for adaptation and mitigation.

“Since our founding, we have always worked to increase gender equality and work towards a sustainable future around the world. Over the past several years, we have been intentionally expanding our work that looks at the intersection of these areas of focus. By explicitly empowering adolescent girls with information on climate change, we are ensuring that these future leaders will be capable of advocating for climate justice,” said Clare Dowd, Executive Director.

Creative Action Institute will make its climate justice curriculum available to its Sauti ya Dada mentors and the adolescent girls they work with for use in the program. In a movement by and for girls, the Sauti ya Dada participants will identify pressing issues, including climate change-related issues, in their community, develop community-oriented solutions, and advocate for their right to a just future. The two-year program culminates in the East African Girls Leadership Summit (EAGLS), where girls from East Africa will come together to present their work, cross-learn, and celebrate their advocacy work.

To learn more about our evolved programming, visit

About Sauti ya Dada

Sauti ya Dada is a platform for girls to share their voices, learn from their peers, and seek guidance from trusted mentors. Developed in response to pandemic-related school closures, Sauti ya Dada provides girls across East Africa stability, structure, and the necessary resources they need to activate their resiliency and complete their education. The program reaches approximately 300 girls per cohort and empowers them with sexual and reproductive health information, mental health resources, and advocacy tools.

About Creative Action Institute

Creative Action Institute catalyzes community-driven solutions that advance gender equality and build a sustainable planet. Since 2000, Creative Action Institute has enriched the health, human rights, education, gender equality, and environmental initiatives of hundreds of organizations with interactive arts-based methods for engaging target groups, shifting attitudes, and changing behaviors. Through experiential training, convenings, and coaching, Creative Action Institute develops creative leaders, builds networks, and supports grassroots advocacy globally. Learn more at

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