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How We Work

We catalyze community driven solutions because we believe those closest to the challenges are best equipped to identify and implement solutions. Here’s how we do it:  

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  We build the capacity of grassroots leaders through training and coaching. Change should be led locally; we invest our resources in building leaders through our transformative curriculum:


Our Creative Leadership & Advocacy courses strengthen the capacity of grassroots leaders to collaborate with communities to generate solutions and lead advocacy efforts that fight for a gender-equitable and climate-just world. 


Our Climate Resilience courses help deepen local knowledge and strengthen community capacity to adapt to and mitigate climate change.


Our Sauti ya Dada Circles build the agency, leadership, and advocacy skills of girl leaders and the mentors who support them.


Our Coaching services offer continuous support to grassroots leaders as they tackle pressing social and environmental issues in their communities. 

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Together, we focus on problem identification, project design, stakeholder engagement, media strategy, and policy change to generate sustainable solutions.

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We create opportunities to activate learning through advocacy. Integral to every program is our Creative Advocacy Practicum (CAP), a unique arts-based methodology used to generate community-driven solutions to pressing challenges. Art builds empathy, opens spaces for dialogue, and generates solutions that spring from diverse lived experiences. 

We offer platforms for peer exchange and sharing best practices to strengthen movements. Spaces for exchange and convening (whether physical or virtual) are integral in deepening connections among peers. We create this space through summits and forums that allow our partners to showcase their successes, present problems for collective input, and learn from each other. 

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