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Creative Environmental Leadership Program

The Challenge:  Environmental movements need leaders that can collaborate, facilitate challenging conversations, build consensus, develop inclusive solutions, and shift behaviors. But grassroots leaders do not always have the access to transformational leadership learning and exchange opportunities that build on and complement their vast experience and knowledge.

Our Model - We address this gap by: 

Impact:  We measure success through the ability of partners to apply skills and tools learned in our training to advance their work. All participants in this program have increased skills and knowledge and apply what they learn. 90% of program participants rate our workshop quality as a 10/10

Hear from Participants:


“This training has changed the way I see things, how I look at food, and how different food types relate to people’s origin. I will explain to my community the dual benefit of introducing, for instance, pigs inside palm and cocoa plantations, as I now understand as they graze the grass, they also enrich soil fertility from their dung.”

- Ewi Lamma, FOREP Cameroon

“The course showed me creative strategies that I can implement in my work to create a warm and dynamic connection with people. By applying the skills, we can get more information from the community, have useful experiences, and learn from them. “


-Kelly Díaz at Instituto para el Desarrollo Mesoamericano in Honduras

“The collaboration course has improved my life at an individual and professional level. I have more information about some topics, and I learned very engaging tools to enhance the individual and collective development of the girls I work with within the communities. It was great, welcoming, and above all, creative.”

-Lidieth del Socorro Cruz Centeno, Director of AMOJO in Nicaragua

grassroots environmental leaders

Working with cohorts of grassroots environmental leaders to deepen creative leadership and advocacy skills through a series of 4 trainings

creative advocacy practicums

Offering Creative Advocacy Practicums (CAPs), a blend of one-to-one guidance, small grants and artist accompaniment to provide opportunities for leaders to work with their communities to develop and test locally relevant solutions.

Peer exchange

Creating space for peer exchange around the CAPs.

Map of latin america
map of ghana and cameroon

Where We Work:    Belize ᛫ Cameroon ᛫ Ghana ᛫ Guatemala ᛫ Honduras ᛫ Mexico ᛫ Nicaragua ᛫ Peru

Select Partners:  EcoLogic Development Fund ᛫ Instituto de Derecho Ambiental (IDAMHO) ᛫ Mesoamerican Development Institute (MDI) ᛫ One Planet  Asociación ᛫ TAN UX'IL ᛫ APROSARSTUN ᛫ AMMUDIS ᛫ CECAMA  ᛫ Mancomunidad de Municipios de los Centro de Atlántida  ᛫ Ya'axche Conservation Trust ᛫ Semillas del Océano ᛫ Fundación Mundo Azul ᛫ Amazon Conservation Association ᛫ Kusi Kawsay Assocation  

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