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Creative Advocacy Practicums - Gender Equity

We create opportunities to activate learning. Both Sauti ya Dada’s 2-year learning journey and the 5-day EAGLSx summit include the opportunity to participate in a Creative Advocacy Practicum. Leveraging the problem-solving skills gained from their training, the girls analyze the root cause of an pressing issue that is a barrier to girls’ education - such as teen pregnancy, environmental pollution, or early marriage - brainstorm solutions, and use storytelling, theater, or visual art as an advocacy tool to explain the issue to key stakeholders within their community.


Girls Take Education into Their Own Hands
Arusha, Tanzania


Empowered Girls Raise Voices Against Negative Peer Pressure
Morogoro, Tanzania


Reproductive Education to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
Turkana, Kenya


Girls Speak Out Against Gender-based Violence
Siaya, Kenya

Theater Changes Views on Child Marriage
Jinja, Uganda

Preventing Teen Pregnancies and School Drop-outs
Kigali, Rwanda

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