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International Day of the Girl: Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah: A scholar for the ages 

This year’s International Day of the Girl Child seeks to celebrate the skilled force that girls bring to the different communities they belong to and seeks to encourage individuals, institutions and global leaders to stand, work and invest #WithHerToo.

Of the many girls we work with, we celebrate Sarah, a scholar from Africaid and one of the participants of the East Africa Girls Leadership Summit and Mentor Program. Sarah’s transformative leadership and facilitation skills have helped her to understand the power and capabilities that she possesses. Through this transformation she started an initiative called the Tabasamu la Binti, Sustainable Development Project, that seeks to empower girls like herself in believing that ‘yes, they can’ and that they have the capabilities they need to transform their lives, their communities and society. 

She will be using the creative tools, approaches and methodologies developed by Creative Action Institute which she learned throughout the East African Girls’ Leadership Summit in her advocacy work. She envisions working with schools, religious institutions and local leaders to transform the limiting beliefs they hold about girls' abilities which often results in girls being left behind.  

She will be working with girls by nurturing essential skills that allow them to be equally competitive in accessing the opportunities they need and want in all fields of work, including science and entrepreneurship.

Sarah is one of the hundreds of girls we have worked with  who are leading transformative change in their communities. We invite you to join us in supporting Sarah and other girls’ leadership journeys by making a contribution today.


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