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Fresh From the Field

Creative Action Institute met for two days in Nairobi with representatives of FAWE, UNICEF, UNESCO, and Ministries of Education from 10 African countries to review and receive feedback for the Gender Responsive Pedagogy Toolkit that CAI wrote to support teachers and schools in becoming gender responsive and learner-centered. We used an Appreciative Inquiry process to identify and build on the best practices and successes from Ghana, Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya and ground our work in their dream for achieving gender equality across Africa.

The representatives provided constructive feedback to make the Toolkit more relevant and accessible in their local contexts so that it can be approved by and distributed widely through the Ministries of Education. The Toolkit will be integrated as part of the curriculum in the pre-service Teacher Training Colleges, as well as professional development trainings for existing teachers. The group also identified key recommendations for action strategies to mainstream GRP at all levels by prioritizing system change at the policy level and creating deep ownership of the process by all stakeholders.

The gathering ended with each participant making strong commitments to carry the work forward and a lively song expressing solidarity with each other's struggles. Creative Action Institute will be busy in the upcoming month integrating the feedback and making revisions for a final draft. We will also be designing the initial pilot teacher training to roll out in 2019 and hope to continue partnering with FAWE, UNICEF and UNESCO to transform and strengthen the education sector for girls to thrive and succeed as leaders in their communities.

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Sep 07, 2021

Appreciate this bblog post

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