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Raising Awareness of the Intersection of Gender and Food Security

Art Medium: Theater, video and virtual festival

Partner: AMOJO  

 Location: Nicaragua

Artist: Harold Hernandez Paizano

This Creative Action Practicum worked with a cross-section of community members: adults, adolescents, men, and women. The workshop focused on understanding the risks and solutions to the management of ecosystem resources, landscape restoration, and food sovereignty. Using a combination of visual art, theater, and short videos, the participants raised awareness and called for action to create community development solutions that are inclusive to all and focused on the conservation of their local environment.

“The plays generated with the participants are tools for our promoters, so they can teach and raise awareness- developing a more significant impact on our groups. We also had fun in the process, strengthening us as a team.”
-Sandra, AMOJO Promotor



WhatsApp Image 2022-11-12 at 7.46.02 AM.jpeg
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