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Recovery, Conservation, and Management of the Forest Diversity

Art Medium: Ribbon Tree

Partner: EcoLogic Development Fund

 Location: Totonicapan, Guatemala

Artist: Reyes Josue Morales

50 teachers and youth participated in this Creative Action Practicum focused on the recovery and conservation of the habitat of various species of flora and fauna in the communal forest in Totonicapán, Guatemala. This forest is an important watershed for the country and is shared and managed by a 200-year-old indigenous organization representing the 48 indigenous communities the forest pertains to. Using an arts-based methodology, the workshop trained participants to generate solutions to environmental problems that are putting the forest at risk.

“Without realizing it we have lost our forests and cultures and we are all contributing to that. With this activity, we put thoughts, wishes, and goals in ribbons and hung them for all to see our plan and desire to take care of our environment”
-Jose, Participant



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