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Changing Minds to Combat Food Crisis & Disease

Art Medium: Giant Storybook and Posters

Partner: OGCEYOD

 Location: Limbe, Cameroon

Artist: Christofer Osuji

Due to conflict and climate change disasters, many communities the southwest region of Cameroon have been displaced and face food shortages and cholera outbreaks. Women and youth from the Wovia Village located in Limbe worked together in this Creative Action project to raise awareness of, and provide solutions to, the issues of malnutrition, food shortages, poor food hygiene and its cause of disease in their community. As part of the project, they mapped out suitable locations for cultivating and selling food products around the village and created a giant storybook and posters to educate the population on healthy nutrition and food sanitation practices.

“A lot of organizations come in and what they provide is food relief- but after all of that is consumed, the people go back to being in poverty and the depth of that poverty increases. So what we are doing  instead is reaching out to people in sessions where there is dialogue and exchange with everyone... and as a result they are able to solve the problems of food shortages in their area.”
-Elvis Wepngong, Executive Director of OGCEYOD


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