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Integrated Community Waste Management Action

Art Medium: Mural Painting

Partner: AHADO Youth Environmental ClubLocation: Hohoe, Ghana

Artist: Esther Ofosu

Waste management is one of the critical issues in environmental management affecting the population of Hohoe. Problems include the indiscriminate dumping of waste, untreated open sewage drains, public defecation, the discharge of untreated wastewater, and the inappropriate disposal of industrial waste around the town.


During this CAP, participants engaged with the problem and then created solutions to educate community members and develop grassroots sustainable waste management practices. Participants designed and painted a final mural, placed in the center of town, that depicts old and new ways of dealing with waste in order to create public awareness and provide a space for dialogue and reflection.

"This workshop gave us the tools to face the situation of negligence regarding waste management... I want to be an ambassador and share the knowledge I learned to continue looking for alternatives to minimize the impact of garbage in our communities and the environment." -Ali, participant



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