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Empowering Maijuna Youth Through Film for the Defense of  Ancestral Lands

Art Medium: Film-making

Partner: One Planet 

 Location: Nueva Vida, Peru

Artist: Reyes Sasha Cine

The Maijuna are an Indigenous group of about 500 people living in the Peruvian Amazon. The Maijuna are resolved to conserve their culture and land and to combat the loss of language and cultural practices. Using the Creative Action Institute methodology, 25 Maijuna youth were led in workshops to promote their imagination and creative expression as a group. This cultivation process included dance, song, script-writing, painting, collage, and theatre. The process culminated in the collaborative creation of four short documentaries, as part of the Icaro Project, to empower Maijuna youth for the defense of their ancestral lands.


“When they told us that we were going to make a short film and create our own stories, I found it difficult, but after some activities, listening to sounds and talking with other people, images came to my mind and I started thinking what ideas I wanted to record and how to record them” 




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