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Parade of Biodiversity: Raising Awareness for Sustainable Agriculture

Art Medium: Mixed Media and Creative Parade

Partner: FOREP 

 Location: Limbe, Cameroon

Artist: Asobo John Chefor

The Bimbia Bonadikombo Community Forest is at the foothills of Mt Cameroon and is one of the last remnants of lowland forest between the urban centers of Limbe and Douala. It faces massive deforestation through plantation expansions, charcoal production, wood clearing, and farming with scorchingly high temperatures due to global warming in recent years. In this program, 50 school children were trained as climate ambassadors using our climate change and creative action methodologies. Through a final tree planting and an arts street parade, together, children and adults raised awareness about the importance of sustainable landscape restoration in their community.

"We are calling on people to plant more trees to restore the soil and restore the land"
-Laura, 8 



WhatsApp Image 2022-04-26 at 6.43.20 AM (1).jpeg
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