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  •  A commitment was received from local authorities to support initiatives to reduce the use of plastic and motivate children and young people to get involved in environmental projects.

  • Generated a binational dialogue to build citizenship among youth regarding their participation in solving environmental problems that affect the communities of two countries.

  • Cross-sector collaboration within 2 organizations working together to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

  • 70% of participants are currently promoting actions to reduce the use of plastic

  • Two murals were created with the participants to raise awareness about environmental problems and also emphasizing the importance of getting involved and participating in projects that benefit the conservation of the Motagua River.

  • A new generation of young people was educated on the issue from the perspective of collaboration, and not from rivalry and contention - which has been the norm between both communities in the past.

  • Increased awareness among community members about the impacts of plastic waste on the environment.

  • Commitment by community members to teach their children environmental values.

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