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Raising Awareness About Sexual Abuse
Among Girls with Disabilities

Art Medium: Advocacy Through Visual Arts
Partner: TRIUMPH  Uganda 
Location: Jinja, Uganda


"My experience with my culture and thoughts on feminism provide inspiration for my work. Female figures appear dominant in my work as I aim to create pieces that depict the complications of life that women experience all over the world. "

- Irene Pilloya, lead artist

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 2.19.30 PM.png


After the girls presented their artwork to the community, parents agreed to be aware of the signs of sexual abuse. TRIUMPH was recognized and thanked by community representatives for illuminating an issue that has long been neglected in the region. The head of CPS Jinja City promised to share the information with their unit, and encourage its members to be aware of this type of abuse. 


The girls left as ambassadors to fight against sexual abuse among girls with disabilities and continue to speak out. 

Hear from the participants. 

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