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South Cotton Silk Sarees: The checkered patterns have been quite a fashion world hit for a long time especially in South India. The same situation is reflected in the south cotton silk sarees. The checked designs are still very much present in south cotton silk sarees and they are further embellished with beautiful motifs and designs. They are perfect as daily office wear if the work is not very flashy but you can also try them for different occasions and functions if they are pretty heavy. They are pretty pocket-friendly and can be bought as a simple saree and also as a cotton silk designer saree.

Draping a chanderi silk Saree is an art and most of the Indian women know how to do it. The trick of draping remains in the fact that what fabric is the saree weaved from. Some sarees are easy to drape while some are a big hassle. Silk Sarees if not properly draped do not look nice and make one look a bit bulky. A Cotton Saree, on the other hand, gets draped easily without much hassle.

cotton silk saree

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