Using Theater to Promote Reforestation in Ghana

Ghana loses approximately 65,000 hectares of forest (think just a little smaller than New York City and little bigger than Chicago) each year due to increased clearing for agriculture, logging, firewood, and building. Deforestation has been identified as a key contributor to climate change in Ghana.

In northern Ghana, Conservation Alliance International is working with students to change this behavior and counteract it by planting trees and engaging girls, who often disproportionately bear the impacts of climate change. 30 girls at the Danin Sheli Junior High School worked with Conservation Alliance and artist Stephen Ofori, a theatre artist and environmental leader who has been trained by Creative Action Institute, to create theatre performances to educate and address these environmental problems. They performed three different skits about climate change and the negative effects of open defecation, wildfires, and deforestation for over 700 school children, teachers, and community members.

As a result of these performances, the community learned about the best ways to protect the environment, and adopted some strategies for similar social and community intervention.