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“I am and can be the change in my society. I will be an example and work with others in my community to create unity and stand against violence. I have become assertive. I feel so new, confident and ready to condemn violence and educate others.” - Christine Mmbane, Kenya Education Fund

We empower young women with the tools to engage, advocate and lead their communities to embrace the right to an education and life choices and freedom from violence.

We’re astounded by the resulting outpouring of engagement across East Africa as partner organizations and schools mobilize thousands with performances, parades and forums highlighting issues such as access to education, early marriage, violence and FGM. 

We can't do it alone - we need your help. Together, we can make it happen.

Help us empower even more young women to become advocates and leaders in East Africa and beyond -support our Summer Appeal with your own fundraiser!

Some examples of the impact you can make:

$25 Equips an emerging advocate with the CAI Social Action Handbook.

$50 Provides individual coaching for one mentor.

$80 Provides supplies for one Creative Action Workshop.

$150 Funds one Creative Action Skill Building Clinic.

$250 Provides one Girls' Leadership Training Program scholarship.

$1,500 Enables a Field Artist to assist a community with creative social actions.

Donate your birthday, jump out of a plane, run a marathon, host a party - the possibilities are endless!

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