Stories of Resilience: Finding Strength in Safety Circles

Safety circles like this one provide a vital source of support for girls in our Sauti Ya Dada program.

Sabine* is 18 years old and in Form 2 (US Grade 7). All four of her older sisters dropped out of school due to marriage and pregnancy, but Sabine had been determined to take a different path. But when her school in Kisumu County, Kenya closed, it seemed like that path might be closed to her. Her family wanted to send her to stay with an aunt with the hopes she would be married. Household chores increased, leaving much less time for her to continue learning on her own.

But, Sabine has found support and resilience through the Sauti Ya Dada safety circle. Sabine’s mentor reports that six months into the pandemic, the safety circle has succeeded in keeping Sabine and her circle focused on education. Sabine is exercising the leadership she is developing by checking in on the girls in her safety circle after her chores are done and before she studies in the evenings. And Sabine reports that she still very much plans to return to her school when it opens in January.

It’s been a challenging road, but the girls we work with are rising to meet the challenge. To learn more about Sauti Ya Dada, please visit our website.

*Though Sabine's story is true, we changed her name to protect her identity.