Partner Update: Performing to protect biodiversity in Guatemala

A pandemic won’t slow our partners down!

Recently, partner organization FUNDAECO reported that they have been replicating a sequence of activities Creative Action Institute helped them develop in 2019 to support wildlife conservation efforts.

In the 2019 clinic, FUNDAECO staff and youth leaders collaborated on songs and a theater skit about wildlife preservation, which they performed for the community with handmade masks representing local endangered species. After the performance, the advocates facilitated a discussion with attendees aiming to raise awareness about the conservation of natural resources, forests, and endangered species of the sub-tropical, virgin, and wild jungles left in the Mayan biosphere. Over 300 community members attended (though this was before COVID-19 – remember those days?).

Seeing the impact of the 2019 clinic, FUNDAECO staff member

Micaela decided to replicate the activity – observing pandemic procedures of course – in March 2021. She worked with family members, neighbors, and youth from her rural community in Tamejas, Guatemala to create and perform skits and songs in her indigenous language, Q'eqchi, to promote the conservation of endangered species and forest local to Tamejas.

We are inspired to see our partners already implementing activities safely in person, demonstrating nothing – not even a pandemic – will stop them from fighting to protect the beautiful biodiversity of our planet.

Thank you, Micaela and FUNDAECO, for your work to build a sustainable world!

Community members create and perform skits about the protection of endangered species, March 2021