A Familiar Face

The Creative Action team continues to grow!

We sat down with Kate to get to know her a bit better and hear how her career path led her back to Creative Action Institute. Here’s what we learned:

You first held an internship with us in the summer of 2020 and then pursued environmental consulting. What was it that drew you back to Creative Action Institute?

Growing up near the headquarters, I’ve always been familiar with Creative Action Institute’s work. I was first drawn to the internship when I realized that the organization’s work aligns with two of my greatest passions: art and environmental conservation. After spending time working more squarely in the conservation field, I felt that the creative element was missing from my daily work. I came back to the organization when I realized there was a role that would allow me to combine these two passions.

Our work combines your passions quite seamlessly.


The work we do has made me view the act of creating art in a different light. Working with the field staff has illuminated art as a powerful tool in creating sustainable change. Take murals, for example; those works of art that are created by community members create lasting impressions and are a reminder of the ways people can work together to achieve climate justice.

Outside of CAI, how are you spending your downtime?

Well, painting is a clear passion of mine. When I’m not creating, I love spending time with my big family.

Welcome, Kate! We’re excited to have your energy on board with us.