#FreshfromtheField: Appreciative Inquiry in Peru

As part of our Creative Collaboration course in Peru, trainees participated in an Appreciative Inquiry’ activity to develop positive ways to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic through the 3 D's: Dream, Design and Deliver.

Based on this process, the participants analyzed and discovered four positive side-effects of the abrupt shifts in human behavior in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. They used different creative mediums such as photography, self-portraits with virtual backgrounds, collective poems and drawings, to express their ideas. Here is what they came up with:

1) Home gardens: Participants see home gardens as a form of sustainable production and consumption during the pandemic.

Participants recycled materials as planters

There are many benefits associated with this practice: children are highly motivated to grow their own food, and most people in the course are now learning about gardening, growing their own vegetables. In fact, many of the participants are considering making this practice a regular part of their daily lives!

Planting radishes in a home garden

2) The sustainable use of the forest for the survival of communities: Trainees recognize the importance of reforesting, reviving ancestral practices, and guaranteeing education and health. They planted crops using traditional methods, used art to educate the community on the importance of sustainable practices, and created traditional baskets using sustainable materials like leaves from local plants.

3) The possibility of working, learning and attending events virtually: Virtual events save transportation and logistics costs, and the lack of a work commute allows for more time to study or be with family. The virtual world also provides a new wave of tools and software and enables collaborative work across the world.

4) Education becomes digitized and affordable: The pandemic has in some ways made education more accessible, and has also strengthened family relationships with more inter-generational interaction.

For every low, there is a high. Even this uncertain time has a silver lining to it.

Thanks to all the participants for sharing your ideas and dreams with us!


English translation of the poem above:

each house

your window

your screen


her course

Her world


the thread

boy with glitter