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"We chose to educate the community on this topic because we saw an increase in teen pregnancy because of COVID. There is a connection between sexual violence and teen pregnancy and we wanted to showcase that in this project."
- Scovia, Sauti ya Dada club member

Sexual violence is often at the root of teen pregnancy. Through the creation of interview plaques, the girls of KOMERA came together to discuss the mental and physical health detriments of teen pregnancy and find solutions to prevent it. Almost all of the girls advocated for strategies to mitigate sexual violence in their community. With help from artist Willy Karekezi and mentor Ruth Kamatari, the girls presented their work to the community. Feeling empowered and supported by their peers, the girls spoke on their personal experiences. Motivated by support from the community, the girls committed to extending these types of creative activities to their peers in their school and continue to spread awareness on the connection between sexual violence and teen pregnancy.

Strategies to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
Art Medium: Interview Plaques
Partner: KOMERA
Location: Kayonza District, Rwanda
Artist: Willy Karekezi



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