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Gender Responsive Pedagogy

There are many barriers to girls enrolling in school; but for those who are able to attend, the classroom is often a challenging environment due to gender discrimination, stereotypes and bias that are pervasive in teaching materials and are commonly reinforced in classroom setup, teachers’ language and teachers’ behavior.


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Countries: Burkina Faso ᛫ Ethiopia ᛫ Eritrea ᛫ Ghana ᛫ Kenya ᛫ Liberia ᛫ Malawi ᛫ Mozambique ᛫ Rwanda ᛫ Senegal ᛫ Tanzania ᛫ Uganda ᛫ Zambia

Participant Profile: Teachers, school administrators, teacher training colleagues, ministries of education

The Story

The FAWE, UNESCO, and UNICEF contracted Creative Action Institute to substantially revise their handbook on gender responsive pedagogy, creating a toolkit to be used across Africa to support teachers and administrators in creating gender-responsive classrooms that are more inclusive for all learners.


The final Toolkit has been validated by 10 ministries of education and will be used to:

1) train new educators;

2) heads of schools and other school administrators;

3) in-service teachers.

The Model

In the first prong of training, Creative Action Institute will equip educators at teacher training colleges to ensure that all new teachers are equipped to understand, identify and change their behavior, and teaching materials to be more gender responsive. 

The Impact

By training educators who train the cohorts of new teachers across Africa, the potential impact is enormous. Stay tuned for updates!

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