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Teen Pregnancy and Girls Education
Art Medium: Advocacy Through Theater
Partner: Girls Livelihood and Mentorship
Location: Arusha, Tanzania


"I am dedicated to telling African stories through art. Art can speak things that cannot be said through words. With art, I am helping others validate their emotions and critique society." 

- Florence Mkinga, lead artist

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Through the theater arts project, the girls gained an increased awareness of the ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies. By presenting the skit to the community, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders were reminded of their duties and responsibilities to teach their kids about sexual and reproductive health rights. 

Hear our participants' thoughts!



"With song, play, and poetry, we expressed to the villagers that educating girls is incredibly important in preventing early pregnancies. Together, we danced, ate, drank, and shared our views on girls' education. It made me feel such a strong bond among my peers. This project has inspired me to continue to encourage parents to prioritize their daughters’ education.

Educating a girl is like educating the whole nation."

- Sharline

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