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Education, Menstrual Health, and Ending Child Marriage 
Art Medium: Advocacy Through Theater
Partner: Girls Castle
Location: Turkana, Kenya


"Art often speaks louder than words. I have been blessed to have learned how powerful art can be in bringing change to families, communities, individuals, and even a whole country. Today I believe that their lives and others have been impacted. Together, we will strive to take more steps until all girls have access to education, sexual and reproductive health resources are provided, and early child marriage is eradicated. " 

- Mourine Apuu, lead artist

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Many community members gathered to watch the girls perform. Their audience was attentive and eager to listen to their stories.  One outcome was that parents agreed to reduce the number of chores their daughters are involved in at home in order for them to prioritize their schoolwork and encourage the completion of their education. 


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