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Education, Menstrual Health, and Ending Child Marriage 
Art Medium: Theater and Music
Partner: Girls Castle
Location: Turkana, Kenya
Artist: Mourine Apuu

"Many girls in my community do not go to school because of the taboos surrounding menstrual health. 80% of girls in my community do not have access to sanitary towels. We at Sauti ya Dada want to spread awareness of this issue to our community." 
Sharline, Sauti ya Dada club member

When a girl's access to education is limited, her chances of becoming a teen mother or getting married early increase. The students of Girls Castle came together to present a solution to elders, parents, teachers, and administrators in their community to keep girls in school.


Through a theater skit, the girls, alongside lead artist Mourine Apuu and mentor Sharon Murumba, performed for a large audience. Their goal was to get the key stakeholders to provide girls with access to sexual and reproductive health resources, and diminish the taboo of menstrual health in order to keep girls in school for longer. The performance catalyzed audience members to commit to ending child marriage and teen pregnancy by promoting education. 




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