How to Partner With Us

Discover new directions.

Creativity is a practice. We can help to uncover opportunity, imagine the future, and build a strategy to get there.
Direct Program Services

Set up a free consultation call with Education and Training Director Aryeh Shell to review the objectives and timeline for your group. Based on our shared assessment, we can determine the program that best meets your needs, whether it’s one of our signature training courses, a series of coaching calls, or a custom-designed retreat, training or skill-building workshop.


For deeper collaborations and partnerships, we will work with you to draft a joint proposal and support the process of seeking foundation support, if needed. Contact Aryeh Shell to begin the creative journey!

Organization Cohorts

Creative Action Institute has developed a successful model building cohorts of grassroots organizations working to advance conservation, sexual and reproductive health, gender equity and social justice. Each collaborating partner emerges with concrete skills, tools and resources, a stronger peer coalition and improved regional alliances through the development of shared creative strategies.

Team members of each partner organization participate in our Creative Leadership Certificate program, which includes follow-up coaching, technical assistance and skill-building clinics during the designing and implementation of projects in the field.

There are so many ways to collaborate - we look forward to envisioning a new direction together.

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