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CAI Creative Leadership Training Series

We’ve compiled best practices gained from a decade in the field into a dynamic, hands-on curriculum for educators, advocates and organizations to better realize their missions. Our approach incorporates theater, music, popular education, art codes, collective murals, creative writing and story-telling to engage learning through participation, dialogue, reflection and action. 

How to Get Started

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Creative Leadership Course

Leadership is a process. Present and future leaders emerge stronger in their ability to think creatively, reframe challenges, ask generative questions and inspire motivation in others. Participants are equipped with innovative tools to foster collective dialogue and design creative social actions.

Participants learn practical strategies and flexible arts-based tools that can be applied to:



  • Identify and strengthen personal identity, power, purpose and motivation
  • Strengthen four skills of creative thinking: Fluency, Flexibility, Originality and Elaboration
  • Cultivate collaboration, problem solving and collective visioning
  • Use the arts to educate community groups, mobilize participation and plan strategic projects and action plans

Day 1: Leadership & Creativity - four skills of creative thinking, group problem solving
Day 2: Innovative Problem Solving - generative questions, art codes, analysis and dialogue
Day 3: Creative Action - life purpose, art-based strategies, creative action plans

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Creative Facilitation Course

We learn by doing. An experiential process to acquire best practices of effective facilitation and curriculum design. By leading innovative exercises and engaging in appreciative and developmental feedback, participants build skills to guide meaningful and participatory group engagement.


In this interactive course, participants will receive skills training and the opportunity to practice leading a variety of arts-based processes with expert guidance and feedback. Trainees will learn how to:


  • Identify personal strengths and challenges as a facilitator
  • Incorporate best practices of effective facilitation and design
  • Co-lead innovative exercises and generative dialogue
  • Create a warm, inclusive and positive learning environment
  • Give and receive appreciative and developmental feedback for collective learning
  • Capture and reflect critical questions and insights
  • Design an engaging and participatory workshop

Day 1: Creative Facilitation Skills - Strengths and challenges, best practices, roles and preparation
Day 2: Facilitation Practicum - Real to Ideal, Council of All Beings, Superhero Appreciations
Day 3: Facilitation Practicum - World Café, workshop design, reflection and application


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Creative Collaboration Course

People working together powers change. A hands-on exploration of how to build stronger and more innovative teams by deepening group identity and trust, fostering mutual support and appreciation, developing a shared vision and creating opportunities for collective risk-taking, problem solving and project design.


In this interactive course, participants will experience and learn creative methods for building stronger and more innovative teams, communities and organizations. Trainees will learn how to:


  • Cultivate trust and empathy
  • Develop a shared sense of purpose and vision
  • Build social environments that are inclusive and safe for diverse identities and perspectives
  • Foster a culture of mutual support and appreciation
  • Create opportunities for shared risk-taking and parallel thinking
  • Improve teamwork, communication and collaborative leadership skills
  • Engage in creative problem solving and conflict-resolution
  • Assess and design creative practices and projects for collaboration

Day 1: Self in Relationship - collaboration principles, social identities, identifying strengths
Day 2: Team Building & Communication - building trust, communication skills, parallel thinking
Day 3: Systems & Structures - interconnection, cultural narratives, integral assessment

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Creative Systems Course

Everything is interconnected. Deepen impact by applying the principles of living systems to analyze and understand the root causes of complex issues, adapt diverse perspectives, reframe limiting beliefs and identify strategic actions to leverage systemic change.


In this interactive course, participants will experience and learn creative methods for understanding how to strengthen, improve or transform the systems they inhabit. Trainees will learn how to:


  • Develop a systems thinking analysis of complex problems
  • Engage multiple stakeholder perspectives and long-term thinking
  • Identify underlying patterns, structures and mental models of events
  • Recognize and transform the beliefs that shape our actions
  • Create more compelling messaging and campaigns
  • Generate innovative solutions and alternatives
  • Develop creative action plans to change or transform existing systems
  • Deepen our commitment to act on behalf of future generations

Day 1: Systems Thinking - two paradigms, root cause analysis, principles of systems thinking
Day 2: Belief Systems - multiple perspectives, transforming beliefs,reframing the message
Day 3: Sustainability and Action - long-term thinking, future generations, arts-based strategies

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Certificate Course in Creative Leadership

12 days of in-depth participation across all four courses, delivering participants the full portfolio of creative methods as a Certified Creative Leader in the field. This comprehensive course series is designed to equip participants with skills and techniques to become empowered, catalyze change, and contribute to lasting social transformation - culminating in a portfolio of arts-based methods, a facilitation practicum, and one or more creative action field project strategies.

Coaching & Technical Assistance

Our creative team is highly experienced working at the intersection of art and social change. We provide tailored skill-building workshops and on-site and distance coaching to guide, evaluate and facilitate the development of creative capacity while building upon innovative approaches to gain community buy-in.

Coaching. We provide ongoing support for individuals or teams by phone, Skype or in person. A cost effective way to leverage new skills.

Technical Assistance ensures the successful integration of arts-based strategies into programs and initiatives by supporting staff and community leaders to apply what they learned in the field. We provide on-site guidance to design creative workshops, projects and social actions, trouble shoot challenges, increase community participation, deepen facilitation and project management skills, and evaluate progress.

Accompaniment in the field. Our creative facilitators and field artists provide technical assistance and on-site support to make creative projects a success on the ground. The most effective way to accelerate and amplify creative leadership training.

Creative Action Toolkits

Partners can replicate the essence of our training with a set of creative and participatory self-directed activities to engage target groups in collective actions around a select focus.