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"Imagination takes humility, love, and great courage."  -  Carson McCullers

Creative Action Institute offers innovative consulting, training and community engagement strategies to leverage the power of creativity for organizations, educators and social change leaders.


Creative Action Institute provides in depth consulting to assess current creative capacity and provide insight and strategies to unleash and strengthen this vibrant and powerful resource often lying dormant within organizations. In addition, we help organizations analyze existing systems and strategies and offer recommendations and road maps for ways to integrate creative strategies for stronger outcomes.

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Education & Training

Social change organizations often struggle to enlist communities as full partners in their work, compromising their ability to achieve long-term sustainable impact. We equip social change leaders to build trust, collaborate and solve problems creatively, develop critical analysis, plan strategically, and foster an inclusive environment where initiatives can flourish.

The training we offer is grounded in experiential, arts-based techniques based on an integral approach to human development. Built upon the strong link between highly creative individuals and strong leaders, we designed a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes the development of these common characteristics. Our aim to spark three levels of transformation: Individual Empowerment, Community Development and Systemic Change, and develop the four elements of creativity: Fluency, Flexibility, Originality and Elaboration.

Our trainees deepen their own creativity and leadership capacity, while acquiring a toolkit to spread the spark and enhance their facilitation and collaboration skills, boosting overall effectiveness in the advancement of their missions. We provide follow up coaching, technical assistance and other resources to guide our partners in the subsequent application of their training.

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Community Engagement

In the culmination of the training process, we match Field Artists with partner organizations to successfully implement and replicate arts-based community projects highlighting key issues.

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