Focus: Sexual & Reproductive Health

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Guatemala Cohort

Despite the fact that 69% of the population in Guatemala is less than 30 years old, sexual education still hasn’t reached most public schools. There are several organizations focusing on sexual and reproductive health issues - but often with limited resources. 1 in 3 indigenous women in Guatemala have no access to health and family planning services. In addition, 22% of women give birth before the age of 18 and only 14% of indigenous girls in rural areas complete primary school.

Our response is to strengthen those organizations working for access to sexual and reproductive health, particularly in rural areas, by providing cutting edge strategies to reach their target population and effectively shift behaviors.

Throughout 2015, we focused on developing a cohort of organizations engaged in seeking innovative ways to support access to sexual and reproductive health education and services, particularly in rural Guatemala. The first Creative Leadership course for 22 educators and health workers from five Guatemalan organizations convened in February 2016, with three more Certificate in Creative Leadership courses in the pipeline for 2016-2017.