Focus: Youth & Leadership

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Strengthening Outreach - Guatemala

Guatemala is facing an education crisis: only 3 out of every 10 children graduate from sixth grade. Two partner organizations - PENNAT and Familias de Esparanza - are working hard to help at risk youth succeed. However, both are challenged by limited resources and training opportunities. With such high stakes, it's essential that those offering outreach to at-risk youth and their families have access to a powerful arsenal of innovative tools to achieve their goals. 

CAI worked with 16 community educators and youth advocates to strengthen their presentation and facilitation skills and build their repertoire of experiential and creative pedagogy. Participants emerged with clearly defined road maps to replicate the workshop activities with at-risk youth and to pass on the knowledge to regional educators.


  • Increased collaboration between partner organizations, establishing a foundation for greater impact in future projects.
  • Clear plans for replication in their outreach efforts.
  • PENNAT plans to initiate creative leadership training for teachers.

"...I've had leadership training before, and there is no comparison - [CAI training] is engaging and practical instead of just theoretical...I feel well equipped and energized."- Yolanda Micaela Salvado, Community Education PENNAT