Passion for action


“I wasn’t self-confident before. Now I know I am powerful, special, loved, creative, smart and that I am a leader who can make changes in my community because I am a “Urumuri Dada” – a sister who lights up the world!” - Janeth Mjuya, SEGA School, Tanzania 


2016 Impact












Grassroots activism comes to life

Art conquers apathy. Never before have we faced such a need to bring knowledge to action, to connect hearts with minds, to assure our survival. 

Social change initiatives often struggle to enlist community support, compromising the promise of change that lasts. Together, we're ensuring long term impact for our partner organizations by giving wings to their creative capacity. 

We've been excited to witness growing replication of our work in the field - from EAGLS partner schools and organizations staging creative actions for 1 Billion Rising and implementing "mini summits," to creative leadership trainees initiating their own trainings in Cameroon and Ghana.

97% of trainees feel prepared to apply creative methods in their work. On average, our courses score 9.6 out of 10 points.

Within three months of training:

• 73% of participants replicated or adapted CAI techniques
• 67% of participants engaged target groups previously unreachable
• 67% of participants improved communication on key issues
• 53% of participants began collaborating in new ways

Our end goal: Vibrant communities working together for social equality and protected ecosystems for future generations. 

Your support plays a central role in bringing grassroots activism to life. In the face of so many issues facing us today, it's easy to lose hope.

 Build a world where gender equality is a reality, youth find their voice, and communities work in harmony to preserve their natural heritage.