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Register for the 2019 East African Girls' Leadership Summit and Mentor Program

In its 5th year, the East African Girls' Leadership Summit and Mentor Program annually convenes young women and their mentors from throughout East Africa to develop creative leadership, and build a strong regional network of empowered women and girls who have the knowledge, skills and resources to advocate for girls' rights and gender equality! There are two key components; the Girls' Summit and the Mentor Program. All programming takes place in Nairobi, Kenya.

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The Girls' Summit

The East African Girls’ Leadership Summit (EAGLS) is a participatory creative leadership development opportunity 

where girls unlock their potential and strengthen their capacity to lead in their schools and communities. 60 Girls from Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and South Sudan are invited to participate in this unique 5-day regional convening of the next generation of African women leaders. 

 The week includes dynamic days using dance, theater, music and painting to explore girls’ human rights, develop leadership skills and create strong bonds between girls from neighboring countries. Girls have the chance to participate in site visits to Nairobi to meet inspiring women leaders working in business, arts and social change.

After the Summit, you will be able to:

- Identify and strengthen your personal identity, find your power, purpose and motivation

- Use creative methodologies to engage your community members, government officials and tribe leaders in a discussion around change

- Challenge norms that stand in the way of your rights

Dates: December 8-14, 2019

Cost: $650


The Mentor Program

In order to support the girls once they return to their schools and communities, Creative Action Institute has designed a two-year Mentor Program that strengthens the capacity of women to support girls on their leadership journey and advance gender equality in East Africa.  The program trains women in creative leadership, mentorship, facilitation and advocacy skills through a series of leveled trainings that occur in August and December. Mentors must have at least 2 girls affiliated with their school or organization participating in the Summit. Coaching and site-visits are provided throughout the year from Creative Action Institute expert staff to support the successful integration of these tools.

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Year 1 Mentors:

Year 1 mentors receive 12 days of training and practicum throughout the year. In August, they attend a 5-day foundational training in Kenya that develops skillful mentorship, leadership and facilitation skills and provides an orientation to mentors' supporting role during the summit. During this training, mentors have the opportunity to practice co-facilitating groups with participatory methods to develop critical thinking and agency. In December, they return to Kenya for 2 days of training, and 5 days of practicum during the Summit, where they will participate in small group facilitation and support of the girls.

After Year 1, you will be able to:

- Identify your personal strengths and challenges as a mentor

- Facilitate innovative and interactive exercises to initiate conversation about girls' rights

Learn creative facilitation skills and tactics to help your mentee create, develop and implement solutions back home

Dates: August 10-16, 2019 & December 7-15, 2019

Cost: $1200


Year 2 Mentors:

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Year 2 returning mentors participate in a 3-day Advanced Mentorship training in August that further develops their capacity as leaders and mentors. The training will provide mentors with more tools to support their efforts to advocate for girls' rights and education. Mentors will enhance their creative advocacy skills so they are better equipped to mobilize stakeholders and build a movement to change power structures and create gender equity in their schools, communities, organizations and society. Select mentors will be invited to return in December to co-lead the facilitation of the Girls' Summit.

After Year 2, you will be able to:

- Reach out to stakeholders to engage them in conversations on how to catalyze change

- Design engaging and participatory workshops as continued learning opportunities for your mentees and community members

- Deepen understanding of the power structures which limit girls' rights

Dates: August 15-19, 2019

Cost: $850 


 Registration closes June 14, 2019.

If you have any further questions about registration, please contact Veronica Thamaini at veronica@creativeactioninstitute.org

** If your foundation is paying for an organization to attend, please contact Clare Dowd at clare@creativeactioninstitute.org **