2018 Annual Appeal

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One gift, countless impacts. 


Creative Action Institute transforms the way communities learn, teach, collaborate and communicate to mobilize communities, challenge systems and shift power. In 2018 your support allowed us to work with 365 leaders from 61 organizations in 10 countries and reach over 1.5 million people.

Your gift matters, and with your support we hope to reach even more people in 2019. Thank you!

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A message from our Executive Director

Dear Friends, 

I am inspired by the power that one act of kindness, one brave moment, or one empathetic ear can have on transforming a heart, opening a mind and building a bridge of understanding. With overwhelming and all too familiar headlines, from wildfires and mass shootings to destructive hurricanes and sexual assaults, it can be hard to see the seeds of change taking root and sprouting. But in 2018, we have also seen how the action of one person can inspire another and build community and connection. Each day, more people of every walk of life are stepping up to create a better future for this world. 
Everyday you choose to step up to create a better future, in small and big ways. Sometimes that's an easy choice and sometimes it requires courage.
At Creative Action Institute, we have the privilege of building the leadership and advocacy skills of emerging and seasoned leaders, working beside them as they choose to step up and make the world more equitable and sustainable. We are so proud of the way in which our partners, who work tirelessly to advance gender equality and a more sustainable planet, are applying creative tools and a holistic approach to find a new way forward. Their 
actions build understanding and foster meaningful and productive collaboration so that communities together create their own solutions. Grassroots leaders trained by Creative Action Institute are:
  • Helping families in Kenya experiment with drought resistant farming so they can afford to send their girls to school despite climate change;
  • Setting the stage for households in Cameroon to adopt non-wood burning stoves to prevent deforestation
  • Raising awareness about the critical role of a national forest in Ghana
  • Connecting teenagers in Tanzania with healthcare providers committed to providing youth-friendly reproductive health services

 We invite you to step up and contribute generously to our annual appeal. We know there are a million ways to give, but your gift to Creative Action Institute ignites real change for gender equality and our planet. What you do matters to millions! Be generous - the time is now. 

With gratitude and warm wishes for the holiday season, 

Just Clare

Clare Dowd, Executive Director