Why the transition to Creative Action Institute?
Since 2014, our programs have evolved into a cascading training model to build partnerships and deepen the impact of our partners. We seek to serve the growing number of community leaders and educators engaging in participatory techniques - compiling our best practices gained from a decade in the field into a dynamic curriculum to transform missions into reality. 

What happens to ArtCorps?
ArtCorps is returning to its roots as the Community Engagement Program within Creative Action Institute. CAI Field Artists will assist our partners in successfully carrying out the community engagement piece of their initiatives by leading arts-based projects that inspire, give voice and raise awareness of social and environmental issues. Our flagship program will shine on by connecting people to the power of art.

Is Creative Action Institute still a non profit organization?
Absolutely! Our expanded organizational model is designed not only to increase our impact but to ensure sustainability for the future. As we build more partnerships, we create more opportunity to serve collaborating partners. Our end goal continues to be vibrant, healthy and engaged communities.

When will the transition take place?
The transition really already began to take shape when we took a fresh look at our scope of impact and asked the question: How can we effect greater change? The answer was extending beyond a small cadre individual artists working on art based projects with organizations and communities and widening the outreach effort into directly training change makers in the field with our tried and true approaches. 

How can I learn more about how to partner with CAI expand creative capacity and deepen impact for my organization?

How to Partner With Us

Contact Aryeh Shell, Education & Training Director
aryeh@creativeactioninstitute.org 978.998.7993

How do I apply to be a Field Artist?
Thank you for your interest! Artist candidate applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Assignments are project based. There are no active projects in need of artist support at this time - check back for updates! In the meantime, we welcome your submissions - send an email along with a summary of your work and experience to info@creativeactioninstitute.org.

I'd like to make a donation. How do I do that?
Click here to make a donation online with our secure form. You can also send a check with CAI as payee to:

240 County Road
Ipswich MA 09138

More questions? Shoot us an email or give us a ring at 978.998.7995