People powered solutions.

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"Creativity is the spark of life, the vitality that stirs desires to improve and change the status quo - meaningfully, responsibly, wisely, and with impact."  - Marci Segal


Creative Action Institute works at the intersection of creativity and social change. We build the capacity of leaders and organizations for innovation, collaboration and resilience to advance conservation, health and human rights globally.


Creativity powers people, and people working together power change. We seek to build an inclusive and just world where individuals, communities and ecosystems flourish.

An unlimited resource.

Creativity is often thought of as a talent that a few special people are born with. In reality, the ability to create is an unlimited wellspring of innovation within us all and the key to meeting increasingly complex challenges. In the face of climate change, dwindling resources and social instability, our world needs more innovative collaboration and people-powered solutions. Our education, training and outreach programs are designed to ignite and equip this process.

Our Values

  • We believe every person is inherently creative.
  • We believe expanding creative capacity is essential to spark innovation.
  • We believe art has the power to break down barriers and unite across differences.
  • We believe effective communication is critical for a peaceful world.
  • We believe in the power of human beings to overcome challenges through collaboration.

Becoming Creative Action Institute

Creative Action Institute began as ArtCorps in 2000 out of the idea that art has the power to break down barriers and unite across differences. Through ArtCorps, volunteer field artists harnessed the power of arts and culture to engage communities in addressing the challenges they face.

Partner organizations began to express interest in deeper training in these creative methods in order to successfully integrate them. In response to this, we developed a systematized approach to training and coaching in order to transfer the knowledge and skills to our collaborating partners, enabling them to independently initiate and replicate creative strategies for environmental and social outreach.

With the broadened scope of our work, we saw that our name no longer accurately reflected our work, and Creative Action Institute was born. 

ArtCorps - Engaging Communities

Social initiatives make greater impact with community support and participation. Since 1999, ArtCorps has strengthened the initiatives of hundreds of organizations and the communities they serve with creative actions to engage target groups, raise awareness, and shift attitudes.

ArtCorps is returning to its roots as the Community Engagement Program of Creative Action Institute - matching artists with partner organizations around the world to support and lead short term arts-based projects in the field.

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